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Finally a look at the fully assembled rear brake complete with disc and cooling package. The front brakes also have a range of aerodynamic elements on the inner face. These not only create downforce acting directly on the wheel but play a more important role on the flow structures in the wheel wake.

Later in the season the Ferrari V6 engine was upgraded to some extent, and exhaust wrap was added, the absence of which had confounded many engineers at rival engine manufacturers as they felt the lost heat would cost performance overall.

Note the turbo cooling pipes fed from the engine cover mounted duct. A look at the opposite side of the power unit of comparison. The exhaust wrap is clear to see here, as is the pipe arrangement to the waste gate. A look at the exhausts from the MR03 removed from the V6 engine. Note the 3 into 1 up and payday loans no credit check arrangement designed to allow the aerodynamics team to optimise the body work of the 2014 Ferrari.

At the payday loans no credit check of the car the design owes much to Ferrari, the gearbox casing (and internals) and inboard suspension points are all identical to those used by the 2014 Sauber and probably the Ferrari too.

Note the brake duct winglet arrangement and the Y-Lon wing support. Note the way the impact structure drops down. The underside of the front wing is also of interest. This revealed that the car had a software conflict which prevented a FIA mandated failsafe system from engaging but it had little influence on the overall result of the crash.

See here for more details: JULES BIANCHI CRASH REPORT. The spare car was prepared to race at the Russian Grand Prix but ultimately the team only fielded a single chassis. As a tribute to the teams driver fighting for his life the car remained in the garage built up and ready to run.

The two remaining 2014 race cars MR03-02 and MR03- 03 were due to be sold off later after Ferrari had removed its assets, the transmissions and engines.

The auction was uploaded online and bidding was underway when it was suddenly stopped. A last minute rescue package had been put together. But Manor as the Marussia team was now known did not have a 2015 car, as some in the paddock especially Force India were at pains to highlight. However the MR03 did in fact largely meet the rules in every respect bar one, the front chassis height and the overall nose shape. The team applied for a dispensation to allow them to run the old nose and apparently this was given, so it was a small surprise when the cars appeared in Melbourne with what at first glance appeared to be cars with 2015 compliant noses.

But on closer inspection it is revealed that while the nose structure, very similar to that seen on the Manor MNR1 design is new, the front of the chassis remains unchanged.

Instead a small composite spacer plate has been added between the nose and the chassis. It is just visible below (we hope to get a better image of this soon) The plate mounts to the front of the tub using the original nose pickup points in the aluminium bulkhead. The space plate adds a little length to the 2015 specification MR03 and this can be seen externally with the distance between the rear of the front wing and the tyres becoming longer.

The exterior of the spacer plate can be seen here with by looking at the panel lines on the car. The forward front wishbone points remain as they were in 2014 but now there is a short extra section ahead of the nose.

The unusual T-Bar style roll hoop support and cooler arrangement has been retained on the updated MR03 (seen above in 2014) this duct feeds into centrally mounted coolers which allow for the side pod volume to be reduced. The internal layout of this pipe work became apparent when the components of the 2014 MR03 and Manor MNR1 wind tunnel models were sold off at auction. Note the flow conditioners inside the lower duct (above). The upper portion of the duct feeds combustion air rearward to the compressor via the air filter while the lower portion supplies air to the intercooler.

During wing tunnel tests the pressure drop from the intercooler was simulated using interchangeable pieces of wire gauze. Via some unseen arrangement the combustion air was then divided into two and fed to the charge air cooler (below) With the air from the roll hoop duct apparently entering via the two pipes coiled over the cooler. The use of the 2014 power unit which was not designed to have the life of a 2015 unit could cause the team to accrue a number of penalties but it has yet to complete the design of an installation for the up to date and more powerful unit used by both Ferrari and Sauber.

A look at the side impact structure on the MR03, unchanged from 2014. However the car has been fitted with a larger anti intrusion panel on the side of the chassis. The brake setup on the MR03 carries over from 2014, this was one of the areas where the car was particularly weak last year.

The brake cooling ducts are identical to 2014. It remains unclear if Manor will introduce the MNR1 at any point, a further update of the MR03 or something else.

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